The effective Salt Room: how should it be

Halomed Group is creating trends in technologies for salt rooms and in effecient application of halotherapy and HaloSPA

After 29 years of researches into salt aerosol mechanisms of action and its application in artificial salt caves (salt rooms) we have worked out the main principles of salt therapy effectiveness:

  • The main acting factor of salt rooms - is dry salt aerosol of pure NaCl with special parameters for maximum effectiveness and suitability for different group of visitors. Such effective salt aerosol is produced by Halomed professional hi-tech halogenerators;
  • Dosing of salt aerosol concentration and control of quality of salt aerosol with special aerosol concentration sensor (know-how of Halomed Group);
  • Separation of salt aerosol particles to provide for inhaling only the aerosol with beneficial respirable fraction (0,5-5 micron) while coarse irritating salt particles remain in the separator of halogenerator;
  • Scientific ground of effectiveness of salt aerosol's dosing (more than 200 scientific articles and studies done with Halomed Group halogenerators);
  • Testing and CE Certification by reliable EC notifying body;
  • Equipment reliability and warranty support service from the producer of halogenerators who has been working for many years in the market of salt room's technologies - is the secure guarantee of successful and trouble-free operation of your salt room;
  • Application of natural ecologically clean materials for salt rooms building.

Halomed has the best knowledge in all above-listed factors due to 25 years dedication to halogenerators production and salt rooms creating. 

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