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  • We know everything about salt aerosol and its implementations in salt therapy business
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The first controlled salt therapy rooms in Denmark and Colombia


New comfortable salt room created by Halomed with use of our modernized HAloSPA halogenerator, has been opened in September in Horsens, Denmark to bring healthy breathing, halorelaxation  and prevention of many diseases to residents of the city.

IMG 7794

More information: http://saltrum.dk 

And another new country that now can benefit natural salt therapy treatments is Colombia. Well designed salt spa has 2 salt rooms including the one for individual halotherapy. 

Colombia 2



New Halomed’s SMART technologies


New in the SMART Halomed’s salt generators

Starting from July 2016 well known models of  Halomed’s state-of-the-art generators are supplied in new modifications with SMART feeders and advanced Halogrinders providing the most effective salt aerosol so silently  that nothing will disturb salt rooms visitors to enjoy their relaxing  healing treatments. 

Moreover HaloSET halogenerator -  the new model for small salt rooms, salt cabins and booths  - is ready to be presented and installed in any small salt therapy room.   

IMG 0704  IMG 0847

For more information, please contact us


Salzpa salt therapy in Bangalore


We are glad to inform about the successful inauguration of the first professional salt therapy center in Bangalore, India –SalzpaTM center.  Our well prepared and enthusiastic partners - Inspire Salt Studio, launched the first Salzpa center to provide the best effective services of respiratory treatments and hygiene for the residents of Bangalore, city with very high pollution level and as a result   with very high rank of lungs diseases.

The opening of the first center was preceded by many market research and selection of the correct and reliable solutions of halotherapy that will provide the best and safest results for people with respiratory disorders, some skin problems or just for prophylactic of healthy wellbeing.  

The pictures of that significant opening day  provided by  Inspire Salt Studio. 

IMG 8572IMG 8573IMG 8590IMG 8592


Salt rooms' designs and realizations


From the ancient natural salt caves into modern realizations in wellness and health centers, medical clinics and private houses to feel all benefits of healthy natural salty air replicated by smart hi-tech controlling halogenerators Halomed.

We offer not only supply of hi tech controlling halogenerators but also realizations of variety of designs for beautiful salt rooms: from standard popular “white snow design” up to exclusive projects with different salts (Himalayan bricks, salt blocks), decorative elements and reliefs.
4   U8 HM

Morever Halomed is sharing its more than 20 years experience and new ideas for different salt rooms design realizations for those who prefer to make salt room on his own.

Ask more about your salt room equipped and inspired by Halomed and our other useful and free supplements for salt therapy businesses. 



Halomed's sizing up and plans


Summing up 2015, first of all we want to thank all those who has trusted and continues to believe in Halomed’s healthy  professional technologies for salt rooms and concepts for salt therapy businesses. We mean all our dear customers, partners, distributors, visitors of the salt rooms equipped with our halogenerators as well as all those who are interested in this kind of  natural therapy business and are planning to work with us  in the near future.

What did we experience in 2015?

For Halomed it was a very busy year and once again we have beaten our production record, Halomed's halogenerators have been purchased and installed in many places around the world for private salt rooms, hospitals, public and private medical centers, fitness centers, kindergartens, schools, hotels, beauty salons, spas, specialized salt therapy centers, etc. 

In 2015, the geography of the countries, where our equipments were installed,was considerably expanded: now there are salt rooms with our technology in China, Qatar, Mexico, Bali, there is finishing stages of installations in Argentina and India where salt therapy will certainly be a good relief from the suffocating smog in the cities.

We have gotten new distributors and representatives in Latin America, Turkey, China, India, Georgia.

According to our rough estimation approximately 9 million people has been visiting worldwide the salt rooms Halomed in the last  year ...

What we are preparing for 2016

Being the creator of the technology of halogenerators for controlled salt therapy as well as the most technologically-growing company in the market of salt therapy, Halomed is constantly investing in the improvements of salt aerosol tehnologies and our  R & D department of skilled engineers is working on this on a daily basis.

And so in the coming days we will announce some of our new developments.

We continue to offer the building and projecting of salt rooms with popular and unique design projects.

We will also continue to create the special programs and supporting information materials that can be inetersting to all groups and help to our clients in better explaining of the action and the benefits of salt therapy for the visitors of their salt rooms.

And many other plans and ideas of how to make a natural method of halotherapy being interesting and beneficial for a wide range of people.

25 years

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