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  • We know everything about salt aerosol and its implementations in salt therapy business
  • Are you looking for authentic salt room to take your business to the new level? Then learn the best solutions and build your business with the product backed with 25 years of success.

Salt rooms' designs and realizations


From the ancient natural salt caves into modern realizations in wellness and health centers, medical clinics and private houses to feel all benefits of healthy natural salty air replicated by smart hi-tech controlling halogenerators Halomed.

We offer not only supply of hi tech controlling halogenerators but also realizations of variety of designs for beautiful salt rooms: from standard popular “white snow design” up to exclusive projects with different salts (Himalayan bricks, salt blocks), decorative elements and reliefs.
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Morever Halomed is sharing its more than 20 years experience and new ideas for different salt rooms design realizations for those who prefer to make salt room on his own.

Ask more about your salt room equipped and inspired by Halomed and our other useful and free supplements for salt therapy businesses. 


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