Salt Cabin

Transform your spa in salt therapy resort with compacy Halomed Salt cabin.

Halomed offers new unique salt cabins that can be perfect alternative of small salt rooms. Salt Cabin with Halomed controlled salt therapy technology is a professional stylish solution for spas, hotels, fitness centers and private houses.

Our latest innovation in HaloSPA, Salt Cabin, is easy to assemble and in particular is equipped with a specially developed new halogenerator HaloSET, with walls of salt (optional), chromotherapy light and easy-to-use Bluetooth module.

Design of Salt Cabin Halomed (Made in Italy)


We offer standard dimensions of salt cabins: 1,5 m2 (for single use); 2,2 m2 (for 2);  3,5 m2 (up to 4 seats); 4,7 m2 (up to 6). Customs dimensions are available upon requests. 

•    Easy-to-use, efficient and safe salt therapy:
New special halogenerator HaloSET, developed specially for booths and capsules. 6 preset programs + possibility to set manually DSA concentration.
Automatic salt load (specially developed controlling feeder).
Our comfortable Salt Cabins, as well as big salt rooms fully realize monitoring and control of DSA concentration. Size of aerosol particles: less than 5 micrometers for 80% of particles.SALE ROSSO
•     Different possibilities for decoration:
Led rgb on the ceiling perimeter that gives chromo effects perfect for relax.
The cabin construction is realized with innovative insulated thermoacoustic panels of high quality. you may choose from 3 standard colors of the panels (white, cream, grey cement), for external frame and internal finishing. 
The internal panels can be covered with salt or decorated with Himalayan salt panels.


You only need from 2 m² of free space and half-day to install your compact and beautiful salt cabin with advanced Halomed technologies.  

Ask more information and a quote for your salt cabin Halomed 

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