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  • Are you looking for authentic salt room to take your business to the new level? Then learn the best solutions and build your business with the product backed with 25 years of success.

We offer you some frequent questions about actual application of halotherapy and technoogies for salt aerosol creation.

About Halotherapy mechanisms

1. Why only NaCl rock salt can be used for "halotherapy" or "HaloSPA" but no other popular salts, like "Dead sea" salt or Himalayan salt?

Halotherapy/HaloSPA is the method of curative application of dry salt aerosol of NaCl. The use of other natural salts (sea salt, Himalayan, Persian etc.) for generation aerosol inside salt room has no use for many reasons.

First of all, let us turn to the nature: the caves that has earned a reputation as places of treatment and resorts, are composed of rock salt. Information on curative Himalayan salt caves is not found, as well as none studies were done with application of such salts for inhalation.

The main reason for complicating study of the Himalayan salts in aerosol - its unstable composition and the presence of impurities that can be harmful to the respiratory tract, such as, for example, clay. Himalayan salt contains also radioisotops of potassium, and its quantity varies considerably. So it is more appropriate to use rock salt for aerosol generation because it has a permanent content and a small amount of impurities (in case of application pure pharmacopean salt there is no impurities at all).

Sea salt also has variable composition and its aerosol is not advisible for breathing.

The walls of salt rooms can be made from any salt - rock salt, food salt, Himalayan or sea salt in various ways (salt tiles, "salt plaster" etc.), it does not matter for health improvement action, as the walls do not produce aerosol.

2. Why do salt aerosol particles larger than 10 micron cannot be completely safe for application in health improving salt rooms ?

The salt aerosol devices which don't have built-in separation units (that is a great number of salt generators/halogenerators widely spread in the market today), create a great amount of large salt particles with size more than 10 microne on the device's output (approx. 40-50%) owing to lack of separation processes in halogenerator. Composition of aerosol produced by such devices contains small amount of respirable particles that are less than 10 micron. Such aerosol is sub-quality for health improvement or treatment of lungs or ENT-organs diseases for the following reasons:

A combination of small part of respirable fraction and large part of big particles doesn't provide bronchi and alveolusus with a sufficient salt aerosol supply. If abovementioned types of devices produce salt aerosol concentration of 4-5mg/m3 (health improvement concentration), the amount of respirable particles is very small. The same time the quantity and mass of large particles is big and all they are accumulated in nasopharynx in quantities that may cause irritation. Some visitors may have a burning sensation, swelling, appearance or strengthening of the common cold by taking both health improving and therapeutic procedures.

For some range of visitors of salt rooms equipped with devices that produce such aerosol, a comfortable stay is only possible with a respiratory mask to avoid problems of sedimentation of large particles in the nasopharynx. The larger the particles, the more irritating effect on the mucous membranes they provide with.

The real problem is that the producers and distributors of such "halogenerators" are copying the thesis developped by the creator of halotherapy. prof. Chervinskaya, and declare that their devices produce the salt aerosol with respirable characteristics, that is of 1-5 mg/m3. Probably they do... but which percentage of such aerosol is supplied for breathing by salt rooms visitors? Is this percentage is enough for declare curative action and outbalance irritating effect of big salt particles? 

3. Why dry and wet salt aerosol aren't the same?

Researches has shown:

  • Wet aerosol mainly settles in the upper respiratory tract and the central trachea and bronchi, due to the hygroscopic characteristics of moist particles.
  • This can cause airway swelling and bronchospasm
  • And can provoke a hyper-reactive response in people with asthma and COPD.
  • Also, moist air can increase the risk of microbial contamination

Research shows that moist saline aerosol is significantly less effective than dry salt aerosol and can cause adverse effects.

About technologies for Halotherapy 

1. What is the difference between many salt aerosol generators presented in today's market?

The difference between the Halomed controlled halogenerators and cheap versions started to be produced last couple years is following: many devices on the market of "halotherapy" run uncontrollably and without sufficient grinding of salt particles to the respirable fraction. Such devices have attractive low price and offers «Halotherapy» using in promotion the scientific articles of the author of Controlled Halotherapy, prof. A. V. Chervinskaya. At that in reality such devices lack of basic parameters described in such articles. 

Moreover the cheapness of such marketed devices keeps back high operating costs (capsules of milled salt, high consumption, special cleansing materials) and poor quality leading to numerous outages during operation and therefore costly repairs and downtime of salt room business. 

Trusting to Halomed, the brand of quality in Halotherapy, you pay only one time for the proven quality.

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