Sport enhancement

Salt rooms in sportive and wellness organizations is a new absolutely natural remedy targeted on pulmonary system and better general health to performance in sports as well as is the latest trend in professional sports training. 


Sportsmen of “indoor” sports have often allergization of organism, some skin problems as a result of high dustiness of hall’s air during trainings.

Sportsmen of “outdoor” sport e.g. both fans of jogging and professional sprinters suffer from changeable weather conditions that lead to diseases of respiratory organs. Such diseases decrease trained level because of long recovery period. The primary goal of every athlete is to achieve their maximum potential. One of the most important factors in attaining this - is improving breathing.


Application of controlled halotherapy in Halomed salt rooms in training process supplies:

  • More effective and fast recovery of organism of sportsman after high physical and psychical loadings.
  • Rising of tolerance to physical loadings 
  • Reducing of psycho-emotional tension
  • Control of depressive conditions
  • Prevention of cold illness
  • Elimination of allergy
  • Recovering after bronchitis, pneumonia and other lung diseases

All sportsmen as well as coaches except mental and physical overload feel constant excess psycho-emotional load during competitions period. Halotherapy is a completely natural, drug-free solution for these issues.

Halotherapy for sports is realized in well designed unique salt rooms where special controlled halogenerator fully produce microclimate of natural healthy salt caves. Halogenerator working on feed back principle creates controlled salt aerosol that gives benefits to the whole body with possibility to choose parameters for special conditions. 


Some of sportive organizations which already successfully apply salt rooms by Halomed in their practice: 

Training center of Olympic commands of Russian Federation “Novogorsk”

CSKA sport club, Moscow

Sport-children school of Olympic reserve of figure skating, St. Petersburg

Fittness club, gym, Lecco, Italy

Sport center SEB/USIF Arena, Uppsala, Sweden

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