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  • We know everything about salt aerosol and its implementations in salt therapy business
  • Are you looking for authentic salt room to take your business to the new level? Then learn the best solutions and build your business with the product backed with 29 years of successful use for respiratory health of milions people.

Halomed up-to-date halogenerators and reliable technologies for effective salt rooms from the creators of controlled halotherapy.

"Halomed" is the world known name in the market of equipment for professional salt rooms and we aspire to be the most respected partner for salt therapy technologies worldwide.

Our offer – it’s a possibility to effectively and safely apply Halotherapy/HaloSPA methods in health services using the salt rooms with the quality dry salt aerosol. Halomed innovative halogenerators produce effective and safe salt aerosol dosing, measuring and controlling aerosol concentration in the air.

For 31 years of its activity the Halomed Group of companies has equipped over 8000 salt rooms all around the world. Contemporary standards of Controlled Salt Therapy with halogenerators Halomed are proved by numerous medical publications to be the only TRUE salt therapy for respiratory hygiene, immunity improvement, decreasing of harms from smoking and living in polluted megapolis.

We do not copy technologies but create trends both in therapeutic and health-improvement application of  halotherapy.

The best and effective Salt Room

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We are used to creating trends in technologies for salt rooms and in effecient application of salt therapy/halotherapy in health services.

After 29 years of researches we know the main principles of salt rooms' effectiveness:

  • The main acting factor of salt rooms - is dry salt aerosol of NaCl with special parameters for maximum effectiveness and safety of treatemnts. Such effective salt aerosol is produced by Halomed professional and hi-tech halogenerators;

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Our Mission and Philosophy

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Our Mission

To bring better quality of healthy life and success to our partners and clients with effective, innovative and scentifically proven technologies and equipment together with outstanding customer support. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that breathing well is not a luxury. Taking care of your lungs and immunity system is a necessity. Effective halotherapy can be a vital part of your regular wellness plan.

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