Basing on the many years experience Halomed presents the modern standards of the true effective halogenerators:

Sophisticated Halomed halogenerators for salt rooms use integrated solutions for generating right healthy salt aerosol and control of its quality, concentration and airflows distribution in the salt rooms.

The last generation of Halomed salt aerosol generators relies on hi tech feedback function to provide the necessary level of controlled concentration of dry salt aerosol (DSA) of the highest quality (respirable fraction from 0.5-5 microns) inside salt rooms.

How it works:

aerosol generation
Special salt aerosol concentration sensor, getting/sending signals to halogenerator for aerosol generation on/off

The process starts in the device's salt grinder, which breaks the salt grains into pure micronized particles. After micronization, the salt particles move into the impactor, where smaller particles are separated from the larger ones and a dry, fine salt aerosol is delivered into the salt room. Specialized optical-electronic DSA   sensor, located in the salt room, measures DSA-concentration levels and transmits data to a controller, which compares and adjusts current aerosol concentration with preset chosen data.

With a consistently sustained concentration of the active DSA, the salt room's environment provides the benefits of natural microclimates.

Halomed Halogenerators guarantee only what they really do:

■  Wide model line allows to chose most suitable halogenerators for different salt rooms including therapeutic centers or public health organizations;
■ Low operational costs;

■  Only Halomed halogenerators support feedback functions, create and maintain the preset level of right salt aerosol concentration;
■  All Halomed halogenerators are equipped with the optical system controlling of salt aerosol concentration - first and unique in genre salt aerosol concentration's sensor;
■ Producing of 100% natural effective salt aerosol of NaCl that is not micronized in advance in coffee grinders or laboratory machines. Micronization and separation of salt aerosol particles is realized exactly in halogenerator to provide active curative aerosol;
■  Halogenerators can be connected to ventilation system to offer up to 6 different ventilation mode during a session;
■  Very low noise during a work;
■  Modern ergonomic designs;
■  Even very small salt rooms will not be oversaturated with aerosol (especially important for children, asthma sufferers etc);
■  The most efficient device at competitive prices - from basic models to professional medical devices;
■  Easy to use and maintain.

Halogenerators Halomed for salt rooms are made in EU; passed all required tests including ones by authorized certification bodies, and are CE marked.
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