Innovative natural method for wellness - HaloSPA* by Halomed

Researches of effective application of halotherapy in almost healthy people such as smokers, visitors of health resorts, day spa centers, showed that the method of controlled salt wellness is useful and favorable for health improvement, respiratory hygiene, mental and emotional state improvement.

HaloSPA salt roomHalotherapy application for general health improvement in spa and wellness centers, health clubs and hotels was called HaloSPA. HaloSPA combines benefits of controlled ultrafine salt aerosol application with comfort and relaxation during the procedures.

HaloSPA by HALOMED is a unique technology of health improvement, rejuvenation and relaxation in absolute comfort conditions of natural salt caves for physical and emotional well being.

Our days more and more people are suffering from environmental allergens and pollution and being in search of purification and healing they apply to the SPA and wellness centers. SPA offer many methods to do so. But none of the applied methods has direct effect on the cleansing of lungs and bronchus. And it comes out that the biggest area of the human body that interacts with the environment is out of targeted health influence.

This problem can now be successfully solved with HaloSPA technology offered by Halomed. Smallest particles of salt created by special professional halogenerator clear perfectly all airways up to the smallest bronchi. Halomed equipment allows you to control the parameters of aerosol, choosing a variety of preset programs that reproduce the natural health factors.

HaloSPA concept is very organically embedded in a range of various SPA procedures and expand the offers with a trendy health service. 

After visiting the salt rooms with HaloSPA technology by Halomed, people become less exposed to toxic and harmful substances impact, they notice skin improvement and immunity strengthening; lungs and bronchus of smokers are purified; children are less liable to colds and infections and both body and soul are relaxed. 

Owing to use professional equipment with feed-back system and control of salt aerosol concentration level, halogenerators Halomed, visiting of such salt rooms is absolutely safe for pregnant women as well as for children and the elderly. 8 special predetermined programms (e.g HaloBreeze, HaloClean etc) effectively recreate natural beneficial microclimate  and maintain salt aerosol parameters during whole session. 

Since 2006, many of European health resorts, spa and fitness centers have been offering this efficient HaloSPA service, which enables to bring well being to respiratory system and psycho emotional state. As prove of this it could be noted that salt rooms were recognized as the trend in spa industry in 2011 (Data: "SPA Finder 2011 SPA Trend" and FORBES "5 SPA Trends to Sample this Summer") and in 2012 (The List'" Health and Beauty Guide)

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* HaloSPA is registered trademark of Halomed UAB. 

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