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  • We know everything about salt aerosol and its implementations in salt therapy business
  • Are you looking for authentic salt room to take your business to the new level? Then learn the best solutions and build your business with the product backed with 29 years of successful use for respiratory health of milions people.

Halomed pioneering halogenerators for professional and private salt rooms

P1090676Dry salt aerosol generators (halogenerators) produce an active highly dispersed dry salt aerosol (haloaerosol) used in salt rooms, and control its concentration.

For already more than 20 years we produce the most effective salt aerosol systems with functions of control and dosing of chosen haloaerosol concentration: all Halomed halogenerators are equipped with sensors of aerosol concentration and microprocessor system based on feedback mechanisms. This allow to get the most effective results and reliable control of quality of salt aeroso generation. 

Halomed halogenerators are tested in aerosol chambers and undergo electrical safety testing and corresponding EMS testing. Medical halogenerators pass all necessary procedures assigned by the Directives 93/42 EEC and 2007/47 EEC. Every medical device halogenerator is tested by EC authorized notified body.

Halomed halogenerators assigned to class IIa medical device are used in medical practice while halogenerators intended for use in SPA and wellness centers are not medical devices but undergo all necessary trials and registration procedures as well as have all corresponding certificates provided by the applied standards.

All Halomed halogenerators are the result of our many years of experience in the study of the process of generation and distribution of haloaerosol, as well as in development and manufacture of the professional reliable halogenerators. Based on this experience, we have created efficient devices that reproduce in the best modern way the natural microclimate of curative salt caves.

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