Halotherapy: application and science

Halotherapy application:

Halotherapy originated from the treatment of breathing in natural salt mines (Solotvino, Wieliczka), which provide specific and unique properties to treat a variety of respiratory disorders.

What is Halotherapy?

The word halotherapy comes from the Greek, halo, for salt. It is a modern holistic method that mimics the natural microclimate of salt mines. 

This is achieved by the use of a special device – a Halogenerator, which grinds salt into a fine powder  and then disperses  dry salt aerosol into a room. It controls the concentration of aerosol and the size of salt particles.

Halomed-Aeromed halogenerators models from the beginning until present days. 


Halotherapy is 100 % natural, effective and safe method of treatment for various disease as well as good remedy for  respiratory higyene and wellness. It improves conditions of the lungs and skin, strengthens the protective functions by means of dry salt aerosol with controlled levels of its concentrations.

Yet.. only Controlled Halotherapy is effective and safe!

Controlled Halotherapy developped by the Halomed Medical Head, prof. Alina V. Chervinskaya, enables to recreate optimal and safe aerosol parameters for a group of the salt room' visitors due to the constrantly monitoring and options of selection and maintaining the optimal level of concentration of dry salt aerosol produced by halogenerators Halomed.

The concentration range should be 1-10 mg/m3. 

The salt particles, barely visible, must be precisely ground to the right size, 1 to 5 mkm.

Many years of researches shown that only Controlled halotherapy can be a standard of real method reproducing healing properties of salt mines. And only controlled halotherapy can be safe and effective for different groups of salt rooms visitors.

The course of Controlled Halotherapy allows

to see quickly significant therapeutic result,

get out of the acute attack of the disease,

reduce the dose of medications,

to prevent the aggravation and increase the duration of remission

Currently the controlled halotherapy is successfully used

for cure and rehabilitation of patients (both adults and children) with various diseases of the respiratory system

used with good effect in the ENT practice,

in various allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis, respiratory allergosis, pollinosis, allergic dermatitis,


Here you can read more about scientifical base and mechanisms of halotherapy from the author of the method: www.chervinskaya.com 

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