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Last years applications of salt rooms in the European and American SPA is recognised as the trend of SPA technologies development. Three years running Salt Rooms are called the trend in SPA industry that implies the wide popularity of HaloSPA® treatment.

Salt room HaloSPA by Halomed is a unique technology of health improvement, rejuvenation and relaxation in absolute comfort for physical and emotional well being.

HaloSPA is a full scale imitation of stay in a natural salt cave with immanent microclimate or on the sea shore with moderate heavy sea in a dry sunny day.

HaloSPA salt rooms create a unique atmosphere of detachment from the bustle of everyday life, provide a overwhelming antidepressant effect. 

 HALOMED offers for SPA and wellness:

  • The most reliable innovative product for creating your effective salt spa;Clinically proven health benefits in combination with relaxation atmosphere;
  • High-performance, secure, easy to maintain halogenerators for the salt rooms (see halogenerators for spa);
  • Better quality of dry salt aerosol;
  • Different sizes - solutions for the locations of any size: from small spaces,   cabins and small rooms (for 1 person) up to large halls. Almost any idle space can be transformed to profitable new structure;
  • Remote control of the salt room and remote visual inspection for some models;
  • Possibility to have salt rooms for beauty, relaxation, cleaning, kids, senior and sport segments, controlled from a single center;
  • Wide range of design solutions will satisfy the most refined tastes;
  • Application of natural ecological materials;
  • Training and consultancy for effective application of HaloSPA salt room in your center.

All our solutions are based on the knowledge of behavior, health impact of salt aerosol, and 23-years of experience in the fields of medicine and health-improvement.


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