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Highly efficient and modern HALOMED halogenerators meet all today requirements of halotherapy and halo-improvement (HaloSPA®).


The wide range of models of professional Halomed halogenerators allows to choose the best product for our customers: individuals, small spa centers or medical centers, big hotels or small fittness center, hospitals or naturopractic centers. 


The distinctive feauture of Halomed halogenerators from many other devices in the market  - is a real on-line control  of salt aerosol produced within the chosen concentration. It's obvious and proven by studies that concentration for different groups of clients should vary depending on age, conditions and desired effects and should not override advised set values. Medical researches have been carried out as well as favourable reports of our clients are confirming the reliability and rightness of such a professional approach.

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Wellness destination halogenerators

Medical use halogenerators



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