Halomed halogenerators for medicine

From 1991 we develop and produce the device for medical sector. Our halogenerators (medical models according law) are installed in hospitals, policlinics, children clinics and medical resorts, private clinics.

Medical halogenerator HaloPrima-02MAdvanced design, proven reliability.

The HaloPrima-02M a compact and efficient medical device producing an active dry-salt aerosol (DSA) for the curative benefits of salt therapy (controlled halotherapy by Prof. PhD A.V. Chervinskaya). It corresponds to required norms of the Directive 93/42 EEC and 2007/47 EEC and marked CE 1609.

HaloPrima 02M is a medical device of 2a class that is the class for devices applied in aerosol medicine.

The medical halogenerator HaloPrima-02M can be used for curative procedures of purification and hygiene of respiratory tracts and skin as well as for prevention of respiratory problems.


Attention: the information of this section is intended for medical specialists and medical organization but not for private users.

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