History of Halomed technologies

Halomed Group became the first in the world (1991), who used the technology of ultrafine salt grinding and learned how to efficiently control salt aerosol concentration in the salt rooms air.

We offer the customers our know-how accumulated for 24 years of unique scientific, medical and technical expertise in health-improving use of controlled salt aerosol in the salt rooms, equipped with HALOMED professional halogenerators.

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Researches and innovation in halotherapy and salt rooms technologies

A few of the most important milestones of HALOMED Group experience in halotherapy at the salt rooms market:


The first model of halogenerator with possibility of control aerosol concentration was developped. First sensor of aerosol concentration produced on the principle of counting of the particles charged in electrostatic field (Aeromed, St. Petersburg, Russia). 


Researches on halotherapy efficiency and mechanisms at All-Russian Institute of Pulmonology (Moscow, Russia)


Presentation of the controlled halotherapy method at the Russian congress on biotechnology in Richmond (Richmond University, USA). Numerous positive references were received.


Presentation of the controlled halotherapy method at InterAsthma Congress in Jerusalem, Israel


Guidelines of Controlled halotherapy developed jointly with All-Russian Institute of Pulmonology (Moscow, Russia). Getting the approval from the Russian Ministry of Health.


The first model of halogenerator with built-in specialized microcontroller and optical concentration sensor is developed.


Publication of the articles on the results of researches on controlled halotherapy with halogenerators Aeromed in U.S. magazine "Aerosol medicine" ("Halotherapy for Treatment of Respiratory Diseases" by Alina V. Chervinskaya and Nora A. Zilber)


Representation of controlled halotherapy at Interasthma Congress in Poznan, Poland (jointly with experts from Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital, Lithuania)


Getting the approval of the method of controlled halotherapy as a therapeutic standard in Lithuania. Over 50 installations in Lithuania for 1995-2012.


Getting the approval of controlled Halotherapy method and registration of Aeromed' halogenerator in China (15 installations in 1995-1998)


The third generation of halogenerators with microcontroller and optical sensor


The first halogenerator for installation inside small salt rooms - "Solway" (Aeromed, Russia)


Set up of Halomed company in Vilnius, Lithuania. Comissioning of the first controlled halogenerators manufacturing facility in Europe


Registration of halogenerator GDA-01.17  as class 2a medical device in conformity with the Directive EEC 93/42. The first CE medical device halogenerator for application in health care organizations. 

2005 - 2006

Developing of HAloSPA concept for application of salt rooms with Halomed halogenerators in SPA and wellness sphere.




The new generation of Halomed halogenerators - compact, high productive, control, management information system HaloControl: "HaloPrima"(HaloSPA-03) and "HaloSmart" halogenerators.

The new "Smart" Salt Cabin Halomed


More than 3,500 installations of Halomed/Aeromed halogenerators and salt rooms worldwide


Read more about actual state of halotherapy and salt rooms market in Europe here.

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