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You have no time, neither the opportunity to regularly visit  salt caves or travel to the sea? HALOMED can help to create your own home salt cave.

Our in-house salt room is a universal solution for those who want to be healthy but do not want to waste the time.

Periodic haloseassions improve the overall body condition, raise vitality, enable breathing the wholesome air.

The main advantage of in-house salt rooms is that they are suitable for everyone: from the youngest family members to the new moms. Halo sessions can even be carried out for pets.


Health improving with salt is an effective, and most importantly - safe method.


Special benefit of the sessions in in-house salt rooms is obvious in cold seasons, so-called "flu-like" weather.


Sessions in the salt cave will help maintain a good immune system, improve metabolism, protect against air pollution.


For ladies and all who care about their appearance more good news: dry salt aerosol - is a magic tool to improve the skin.


Not less valuable is that halo-sessions help avoid depression and produce a relaxation effect.


HALOMED in-house salt rooms and halogenerators enjoy superior security, for they control the amount of salt aerosol in the air and ensure harmless concentrations. 

If you’re missing the sea, SPA-procedures and recreation and your vacation is still far distant, buy the salt room, and you'll have a mini halo-SPA resort with healthy climate at home.


Equipment supplied by Halomed for home use has all necessary CE certificates and documentation. 

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