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For dealers and distributors

The list of actual Halomed distributors you can find here.


We are looking for distributors who can promote high-quality solution and concept of salt therapy for different markets. If you have: 

• knowledge of the local market 

• experience in supply and maintenance of spa, wellness or medical equipment 

• interest in new trends 

• ability to apply different means for sales promotion

Halomed offers the investment profitable product - professional Halomed halogenerators of dry salt aerosol for salt rooms. We offer not only the material products but all the knowledges accumulated for 29 years of working in the field of halotherapy. 


Photoxpress 1281432-1Why to choose Halomed as your professional salt rooms partner:

  • Reliable trouble-free equipment

  • Constant innovations to be able to keep up with the modern technological times

  • Original concept fo controlled halotherapy from creators and developpers of the method

  • Wide product range 

  • Free detailed installation instructions and salt rooms creation guides

  • Support in service and education in salt therapy application and marketing
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Service instructions and possibility of online consultations, hot-lines for expert consulting on salt room building, installation and maintenance

  • Opportunity to have a special (service) device (depending on the region and device type)

  • All necessary CE certificates 

  • Guarantee of your customers satisfaction from the most professional and effective salt room, that is proven by 29 years of work and 4000 customers all around the world 

And what is very important: today only Halomed offers the best “Price-Quality” correlation, in our days it’s too expensive and bad for image to resell poor quality products with no scientifical base behind the unreliable techniques.

Develop your salt rooms construction business with us. Rely on long experience and approved quality of Halomed -  pioneering company in halotherapy technologies! 

Contact us for detail offer for supplying salt rooms products.

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