Salt for halotherapy

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We offer the pharmacopean standards pure NaCl salt for halogenerators. NaCl 1000g Ph.Eur.7.0 alt-2
Halomed has tested various salts and found that only purest NaCl with no any addings could be good for healthy dry salt aerosol and for better halogenerators running. (Read here why the use of other than pure NaCl salts is not advisable to inhale).
The salt is supplied in 1 kg packages with minimal order of 25 kg (apprx. for 5 months of use with Halomed halogenerator).  
The salt for halotherapy has all necessary CE certificates (GMP Certificate - for chemically pure salt, ISO 9001.2000, ISO 14001:2004). Packaging and associated documentation guarantee conformity of natural, untreated product to high pharmacopean standards.
For our customers, we recommend only the best solutions with affordable prices.
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