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Unfair competition


Lately, our potential customers inform that they receive the table of comparative characteristics from one of halogenerators' manufacturer.

In regard to this, HALOMED announces:

Depositphotos 32244407 xs1. In that  comparative table the  salt aerosol generators of  Halomed’s competitors  are shown with specific brands of these devices, while the characteristics of devices HALOMED shown as a group.

2. We suppose that authors  of that table compare their device in the maximum set (at maximum price) with the old model of halogenerators HALOMED which is out of production today and was more budget version than competitors’ ones. Authors are concealing that other modern proposed HALOMED models have higher possibilities and excel by most of parameters those competitors devices described  in the table

3. We are ready to  show potential customers the advantages and benefits of HALOMED halogenerators.

4. And again we are drawing attention of this company that  any comparisons of halogenerators with the understatement of the characteristics of devices HALOMED are  considered as misleading advertising, and , according to commercial law, are the methods of unfair competition.

With kindest regards,
Halomed team
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