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If you’d like to know more about Halomed products, or have any questions, please send us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill our contact form. We’ll respond as quickly as possible.



Salt for halotherapy

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We offer the pharmacopean standards pure NaCl salt for halogenerators. NaCl 1000g Ph.Eur.7.0 alt-2
Halomed has tested various salts and found that only purest NaCl with no any addings could be good for healthy dry salt aerosol and for better halogenerators running. (Read here why the use of other than pure NaCl salts is not advisable to inhale).
The salt is supplied in 1 kg packages with minimal order of 25 kg (apprx. for 5 months of use with Halomed halogenerator).  
The salt for halotherapy has all necessary CE certificates (GMP Certificate - for chemically pure salt, ISO 9001.2000, ISO 14001:2004). Packaging and associated documentation guarantee conformity of natural, untreated product to high pharmacopean standards.
For our customers, we recommend only the best solutions with affordable prices.

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Halotherapy Overview. Understanding the Controlled Halotherapy Concept 


Presentation Halotherapy and city dwellers

 Presentation Halotherapy and city dwellers   Download File


Presentation Halotherapy and air pollution

 Presentation Halotherapy and air pollution   Download File


Presentation Halotherapy for children

 Presentation Halotherapy for children   Download File


Presentation Halotherapy for skin

 Presentation Halotherapy for skin   Download File


Presentation Halotherapy for wellness

 Presentation Halotherapy for wellness   Download File



Webinars: Halotherapy & Salt Rooms

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Webinar on halotherapyHalotherapy is becoming one of the trendiest concepts in the modern health care and wellness industry. Today’s consumers are more and more interested in natural approach to take care of their bodies and minds.
Halotherapy is quickly gaining popularity in the world due its unique benefits to a wide range of people. However, there are a lot of misconceptions being thrown around about this method of health improvement. That’s why we’ve decided to run a series of webinars “All about Halotherapy” in order to clear up all the details about this subject. 

Contents of our first webinar :

  • Health facts and statistics
  • Origin of halotherapy
  • What is halotherapy?
  • Brief overview of the history of halotherapy
  • Controlled Halotherapy Concept by method of Professor Alina V. Chervinskaya
  • Who can benefit from halotherapy?
  • Results of clinical studies

The record of first webinar is available here. Please contact us to get the data for access. 

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